Banking and Finance

One of the major service field of IntracoLaw Firm is banking and finance, IntracoLaw Firm is assiting banks and financail institutions in their financial and banking transaction, IntracoLaw Firm is primarily focusing following serivces:

• Bank licence, registration of bank representative offices or branches.


• Loan transaction, assets financing, poject financing: IntracoLaw Firm reviews all transaction documents insuring the compliance of Vietnam laws concerning banking activities, foreign currency control, foreign debts control.

• Debtor diligence: we help banks have more information of debtors to enhance the retrieval chance of debt collection.

• Debt collection and restructuring. IntracoLaw Firm ensure the debt transactions are legitimate and enforceable under the laws of Vietnam. IntracoLaw Firm is also involving in debt collection process such as liquidating guranteeing assets or litigation proceeding.

• ISDA and its schedule reviewing and consulting.

• Mortgaging and guaranteeing transtraction registration. All the guaranteeing documents and assets should be done in a great care and follow a strict regulation. IntracoLaw Firm ensure the lender that loan is guaranteed by liquidable assets and will claim for compensation in case of necessity.

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