Patents, Industrial designs, Trademarks

• Consulting on the patentability of patents anf industrial designs, consulting on the registrability of trademarks (Trademark search, novalty, similarirty search of patents, industrials designs)
• Application preparation and filing for patent, trademark and industrial designs in Vietnam and Indochina region (Trademark classification advising, industrial design specification advising, patents description and abstract preparation advising, patent description translating into Vietnamese)
• Tracking, monitoring and responding to notices from Vietnam National Office of Industrial Property. Preparing and filing appeal in case of refusal.
• Protection preiod monitoring and applying for the extension of protection period for patents, trademarks.
• Patent annuity payments.
• Application monitoring and assessing the posible conflicts. Advising and proceeding the process to oppose the possible conflict application.
• Applying for amendment of registration concerning the changes of transferring, the changed of applicant information…
• Consulting on registrabilibty and patentability as well as filing application for protection for patents, trademarks and industrial designs in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
• Advising and conducting application procedure to obtain trademarks protection of Vietnamese in foreign countries.
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