Work permit, Visa

Vietnam law requires all foreigner working in Vietnam to apply for workpermit. Besides workpermit, the person must obtain visa according to immigration law. 

The followings are requirements and steps for obtaining the above:

Step 1: Explanation of the use of foreign workers

  • Explanation letter
  • Letter of introduction
  • Enterprise registration certificate

Step 2: Application of Work permit

  • Written request for work permit of the employer
  • Certificate of health issued abroad (must be legalized and attached with the certification of translation) or Certificate of health issued by the competent authority in Vietnam according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health
  • Justice Record issued by the foreign competent agency (in case the worker has not resided in Vietnam), by Vietnam competent authority (in case the worker resided or is residing in Vietnam)
  • Decision of Employment or Labor Contract
  • Certificates or documents certifying that such foreign worker has been trained for at least 01 year or his/her major is relevant to the job(s)he is expected to do in Vietnam and Documents certifying that the foreign worker has at least 03 years of experience in relevant majors
  • Or proven documents of 5 years experienced in the working field.
  • Passport
  • Enterprise registration certificate
  • Letter of introduction
  • portrait photo with size 4×6 (white background)
  • Written approval for the use of Foreign workers which is granted by the Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee

Step 3: Application of Visa

  • Enterprise registration certificate
  • Letter introducing the seal of the organization and the signature of the authorized person
  • Written visa application

Step 4: Application of temporary residence card (if any)

  • Application for temporary residence card
  • Foreigner Information Form (N8A)
  • Enterprise registration certificate
  • Passport
  • Letter of introduction
  • Portrait photo with size 2×3 (white background)

The above is the basic information for obtaining work visa in Vietnam. It is recommended to contact lawyer for further details and advice for well legal compliance in Vietnam and smooth process.

Intracolaw will be pleased to assist foreigners to come, work and obtain workpermit here in Vietnam.

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