Investment Administrative Procedures

Investors would have been convenient save time and reduce risk when using the services of investment for licenses or permits adjustment of IntracoLaw Investment Firm. IntracoLaw Firm provides the following services:
• Assist in the preparation of a cooperation agreement and negotiating with appropriate partners with Vietnam law and guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of investors.
• Please granted investment certificates, registered investment: investment certificate is a legal basis for an important investment activities. Based on the investment decisions of investors, IntracoLaw Firm will advise drafting documents stipulated by law, and is filed with the state agency authorized to assist investors obtain investment license. With his experience in the drafting of documents and work with state agencies authorized, investors will receive a certificate of investment in the shortest possible time.
• During the operation, there is a lot to change (in terms of size, industry, extended operating locations, subsidiaries, changes in personnel, changes in policy), will also IntracoLaw Firm assist investors have recognized or approved for such changes as soon as possible.
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