Legal services on Investment

IntracoLaw Firm is providing comprehensive legal service “all-round package” for investor which cover all the aspects of investment in both pre and post license phases

· Business planning and Cooperation plan are basic content for each investment projects. IntracoLaw Firm is consulting investors the most suitable plan in compliance with the current Vietnam Laws and protect the legal right ans interests of Investors.

· Business sectors consultation: vietnam is now a member of WTO and is openning its doors to the world. Accordingly, conditions for some busuness sectors are now changing. Investor shall be consulted regarding specific fields that thy are wishing to do. There are conditions related to a certained sector such as restriction, limitation, encourage, and other condition related to background, qualification, experience, capital contribution limitation, minimum charter capital.

· Land and land usage planning: The are many ways to acquire a suitalble piece of land which ranges from leasing, purchasing, transferring, investing into industrial zones or applying for a piece of land at the state competent agency. Each way shall have both advantageous and disadvantegeous points depending on the land usage planning in the considering area. IntracoLaw Firm is helping investors to have a panoramic but concrete view on each way to make the right choice.

· Labor: Investor shall be consulted with the average labor skill at surrounding area, average salary, social insurance policy, other laboe policy. Local demographic and labor picture and other factor that affect the labor force of investment project like motels, market …

· Environmental protection: Environmental protection compliance is compulsory while invest in Vietnam. Investor shall be consulted with legal condition and environmental protection standards as well as administrative procedures to obtain green light from environmental protection agencies.

· Investment incentives: These are an impoertant part of encouraging and attracting investment into Vietnam of the government. Those incentives concentrate on land issues such as relieving land leasing fee, land using fee; on tax issues such as reduction of corporate income tax, waivering or reducing importation tax on materials and equipment which have not been manufactured bu local producers. Investor shall be consulted and assisted in obtaining this incentives.

· Copyright and intellectual property: With over ten years of experiences in Intellectual Property, IntracoLaw Firm shall have appropriate advice and documentation works helping investors solving IP related matters and protecting investors’ interests related to IP In Vietnam.

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