Vietnamese regulations on importing of the fertilizer

According to current Vietnamese regulation, the fertilizer is classified as the good belonging to Group 2. Therefore, the regulations on importing are different with the other common goods. The Vietnamese traders must aslso be granted the Certificate of eligible on trading of the fertilizer product.

The requirements of importing of the fertilizer:

  • Be granted the Decision on recognition of the imported fertilizer authorized to be circulated in Vietnam
  • The fertilizer quality is conformed with the National Technical Standard.

The process of importing of the fertilizer:

  • Step 1: Obtaining the Import License for the trial, except for the fertilizers are exempt from the trial.

At this step, you must prepare documents including: Technical declaration of the product, Manufacturer’s letter and Certificate of free sale and submit them to the Plant Protection Department (PPD). After 07 working days, if the dossier does not require any further additions or amendments, an import license for fertilizer trial will be granted.

  • Step 2: Carrying out the trial process for fertilizers that are not exempt from testing

At this step, you must sign a fertilizer trial contract with an organization eligible for fertilizer trial. The content of the trial is based on the product’s indications and instructions for use and the national technical standards corresponding to each type of fertilizer.

  • Step 3: Applying for a decision on recognition of circulation of fertilizers

At this step, you must submit an application to the PPD including the following documents:

+ An application form

+ General information on fertilizers certified by the manufacturer, including: type of fertilizer; fertilizer name; fertilizer form; User manual; method of use; expiry date; safety warnings; quality criteria, the content of limiting factors in the fertilizer enclosed with the test result sheet

+ The original report on the results of the fertilizer trial

+ Certificate of free sale issued by the origin country

Within 03 months, if the dossier does not require any further additions or amendments, the Decision on recognition of circulation of fertilizers will be issued. The period of circulation is 5 years.

  • Step 4: Carrying out the import activities

After the fertilizer is issued with a decision on recognition of circulation, you can take the next steps to proceed with importing fertilizer.

The first action is the Registration of State Inspection on the Quality of Imported Goods. You can choose one of the testing organizations designated by the PPF for fertilizer quality inspection.

After the state inspection is completed, you prepare the customs clearance documents including general documents according to the regulations on goods import along with the Notice of State inspection results and the Power of Attorney (in case of authorization for other organizations and individuals to import).


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