Mergers and Acquisitions

This is a strong tier service of IntracoLaw Firm. Lawyers of IntracoLaw Firm are well experiences in helping investors to acquire or sell a partial or total entity in a secured, smooth, cost & time effective ways. The following are what IntracoLaw Firm is doing concerning M&A services:


• M&A best solution advising. Sometimes clients are confused of what to if they want to acquire a piece of land the under management of the other. There shall be ways to acquire like company split and merger, land transferring, project transferring, shares transferring ect.. IntracoLaw Firm is there to help clients to have the most appropriate way to do their acquisition.

• Due Diligence: This is the indispensable part of M&A and IntracoLaw Firm shall carefully scrutinize all legal materials related to “going to be acquired object” . With IntracoLaw Firm’s service, the buyer can rest assured that they will get the strong legal grip of the purchased assets, the seller can be sure that they will get paid and selling procedure will go in smooth ways.

• M&A negotiation: IntracoLaw Firm can represent clients not only in due diligence but also in negotiation with their M&A partner. Lawyers of IntracoLaw Firm are well equipped with negotiation skill and with sufficient information brought from due diligence, they can bring good advantage to client in negotiation.

• M&A documents preparation: All the good outcome of negotiation are M&A documents which IntracoLaw Firm shall prepare under the merits that all possible risks shall be envisaged and addressed, interests of parties are well protected and all agreement are in compliance with Vietnam regulation and it is shall be enforceable in case of necessity.

• M&A procedure proceeding: Upon well preparation along with experience and well government relation of IntracoLaw Firm’s lawyers, all M&A procedures shall be carried out smoothly in a shortest time.

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